Let’s Deliver a Better World.

At Mahalio, we believe that trust and safety is a must as it is at the essence of our mission and vision. Trust & Safety begins with our first member and continues in informing our work as we grow.  We work tirelessly on making sure that your personal information is safe with us throughout our platform.  We facilitate all your experience and transaction to best inform your security while traveling with or exchanging packages, as your trust is paramount to Mahalio. All of our backend technology that stores your information utilize industry-leading security features. You are in good hand and with you we are confident that Mahalio will deliver a better world.

Jenner Balagot,

Founder & CEO

Below is a list of countries we have made succesful deliveries.

We look forward to partnering with you to expand our network and make the world a better place one delivery at a time.

San Francisco







Washington D.C.

Dominican Republic

Los Angeles