In December of 2019 Wuhan, China, started to feel the impacts of COVID-19. People were quarantined in their homes, economic activity slowed, and soon the same would follow for the rest of the world. Nevertheless, people still have to ship packages because it is the lifeblood of our global economy but most importantly it is how we stay connected with loved ones.

The following article will provide information on how to safely receive packages, as well as general recommendations for protecting against COVID-19.

Wash your hands with soap and water immediately after handling a package.

When packages are shipped through FedEX, USPS, UPS, they are sorted and exposed to extreme conditions that kill the virus.

Nevertheless, COVID-19 can live on surfaces (e.g. cardboard) for about 72 hours or 3 days. Touching household objects after handling a package spreads the virus to other surfaces and increases the chances of infectivity. Because of this, Mahalio recommends washing your hands with soap and water immediately after handling a package will decrease the risk of spreading the virus.

Do The Five

Google is encouraging individuals to follow a simple set of recommendations to reduce the spread of COVID-19:

Google’s coronavirus tips are:
1) Wash your hands often.
2) Cough into your elbows.
3) Don’t touch your face.
4) Keep six feet of distance between you and another person.
5) Stay at home whenever you can.