In 2014 my friend from California Jenner Balagot traveled here in Mbarara to volunteer on a project at the children’s hospital, he saw how hard it was for us to send and receive small packages even donations for noble causes, he went back to California and together with his friend they started finding a way, and they started one – Mahalio.

Mahalio is a network of travelers that carry along with them small packages, and just a few days ago I received a donation of a laptop and printer donated to the children’s hospital here in Mbarar. The laptop was carried by Willis Wah, a research student from St. Mary’s College of California.Willis got to know me and I will also be part of a research project that Wills ad his colleagues will work on to bring a bigger oxygen machine to produce enough oxygen for the children of Uganda and Mbarara.

Many thanks to the Mahalio team and community for their continued efforts to assist the people of Uganda.