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Welcome to mahalio

The World’s Friendliest Delivery Service

Our Mission

We aim to create the world’s friendliest, most secure, and most cost efficient platform to deliver packages locally and internationally.

Ship a package

Ship a package anywhere in the world for free.

deliver a package

Go on a quest and deliver a package on your travels.

make a friend

Meet locals and make lasting connections.

Rosio delivers Tita clothes from her family in the USA

Kristina made $100 on her trip back home to the Philipines

Valerie and Claire head to the Dominican Republic to deliver soccer equipment

Genevieve delivered Louie martial arts equipment, and got a tour of Manila!

Liu Fei delivered martial arts equipment to a sparring grounds in Rwanda

share packages, make friends

Mahal = Love

IO = Input/Out

We’re making a difference, one package at a time.

Our Story

Hey, this is Jenner Balagot, Mahalio’s Founder and CEO.

In 2012, as part of a graduate school project, I took a trip to Mabara, Uganda and met a group of great people serving a small children’s hospital in the middle of Africa. After talking with the local staff, I came to realize how much this remote hospital relied on its network of traveling friends and family to deliver important supplies to sustain their operation.

As I traveled after graduation, I started witnessing how much this person-to-person shipping network was very much of a reality for many countries in the emerging economy. Here, human ingenuity and kindness overcame the challenge of logistics in delivering a much-needed service through the family and friends network that delivered goods quickly, safely and reliably. Since then my team and I have been working tirelessly to build a network that connects friends, families, and community together on the Mahalio Network.

We want to offer the world another option to ship packages that is more affordable, faster, and reliably around the world, while bridging the geographic gap between people.  We believe that together we can improve the shipping industry, contribute to the reduction of our carbon footprint that results from our logistic redundancy while inspiring human connectivity.


Mahal = love

IO= input / output.


New Friends in the Dominican Republic

Delivered soccer equipment to youth in the Dominican Republic

Giving a new bro / clueless tourist a tour of Santo Domingo





Equalizing Distribution

One of the world’s greatest inequalities is the unequal distribution of resources. We hope our business will equalize the playing field and empower people around the world with the goods they need.

Global Reach

Our travelers are constantly on the move and have delivered packages to over twelve different countries. We’re taking their feedback and making each delivery smoother for new travelers.

active feedback

We’re just getting started and are continuously improving our processes. We look forward to learning new things through everyone in the Mahalio network.

Packages Delivered

Friendships Created

Time-Cost Savings